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100% all natural and safe to use cleaners.  Truly a green alternative.


A safe way to mist alcohol sanitizers onto any surface.  A non-flammable and speedy process.

DeLaval Food Plant Sanitation Section

• CIP / COP Cleaners:
• HT Special (caustic)
• HT Caustic (gluconated caustic)
• Alka Plus CLF (well chelated with high performing surfactant package)
• BW Special (KOH based, no sodium)
• Alka Clean Additive 1000 (chelant)
• Alka Clean Additive 1500 (defoaming surfactant)
• Hi Temp Acid 445 (nitric/phosphoric acid blend)
• Chlor Mate Liquid (NaOH based, soft to medium water, highest alkalinity)
• Chlor Mate HW Liquid (KOH based for hard water)
• Cool CIP (NaOH based, surfactant, lower reduced usage, lower temps)
• Hot Tank 2 (powdered caustic built with surfactants and phosphates)

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• Self-Foaming Cleaning Products:
• Slide 100 (NaOH based high foaming product)
• Manual Acid Foam (Lower phosphoric acid level than Maxid +)
• Maxid + (Foaming phosphoric acid)
• Chlorinated Alka Plus Foaming Liquid (KOH/NaOH based, higher foamer)
• Chlormate Foam Cleaner (KOH based, good foamer, higher cost)
• Alka-Plus Foaming Powder (Built chlorinated powdered caustic)
• Golden Eagle Plus (surfactant general purpose cleaner)
• Enviro Foam (non-chlorinated alkaline foam cleaner)
• Soft Metal Cleaner (built low foam with silicates)
• Solve Rite (neutral solvent product, high foamer)
• DW 90 (alkaline solvent product, medium foamer)

• Line Lube / Conveyor Lube Products:
• Lube 3000 (low foaming, high solids)
• Lube 5000 RTU (dry lube)

• Sanitizers:
• RPM Acid Sanitizer (blended acid dairy sanitizer)
• 4Quat (7.5%, 4-chain quaternary compound sanitizer)
• Quat 410 (10.5%, 4-chain, quaternary compound sanitizer, lower use cost)
• Premium Peroxide II (Peracetic acid sanitizer)
• AcidiShine (Blended acid / quat sanitizer, lower pH)
• Extract-2 (12.5% Sodium hypochlorite sanitizer)
• Rapidyne (Iodine sanitizer)